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Travel agency Lazaretravel offers tours to the historical places in Georgia, provides winter and summer vacation packages, you will be able to taste Georgian national cuisine and Georgian wine and visit the most beautiful places of Georgia.


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Company Lazaretravel.com offers a simple, quick and easy way to book your travel tickets, as well as hotel booking upon customer request.


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Tourism – traveling for vacation, leisure and business purposes. People travel around the world, spend funds to entertain, visit new countries, and study its traditions and culture. We Lazaretravel.com offer you unforgettable tours throughout Georgia, recreation and entertainment, visiting historical attractions


Pleasant journey

Our company Lazaretravel.com is composed of friendly, highly qualified, hardworking and loyal personnel, who perform their duties in accordance with the high professional standards. The main motto of our company is to provide customers with high quality service,   to create a quiet and pleasant atmosphere for tourists, to let them see Georgian sights in maximum time


United team

My friend and I have established travel agency Lazaretravel.com and is one of the leading companies in the field of tourism. The company develops and successfully implements cultural and extreme-adventure tours designed either for individuals or groups in Georgia.

Lazaretravel.com is newly-formed, but many companies around the world, including leading travel agencies, are willing to cooperate with it. This means that each of the tourists has expressed great satisfaction.

The company carries out the following special tours:

Religious, cultural, adventure, extreme, tours, tasting of wine and national dishes

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